The Cabildo of Tenerife asks the State to eliminate the pharmaceutical copayment for pensioners



Pleno del Cabildo


The approved text, in which the Government of the Canary Islands is asked to, in turn, urge that of Spain to adopt this measure, aims to “guarantee a public, universal, solidarity, free and quality health system, removing all those obstacles that prevent access to a fair and equal public health system for citizens. “

The agreement urges the Government of Spain to amend “the revised text of the Law on guarantees and rational use of medicines and health products, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2015, of July 24, where it suppresses the provisions of its article 102 and modify article 101, guaranteeing in the new wording the public, universal and free nature of the medicines in pensioners. “

On the other hand, an agreement was approved to promote a collaboration agreement with the Association of Taxpayers and Users of Banks, Savings Banks and Insurance (Adicae) and its implementation in the municipalities of the island.

This is intended to organize information sessions that promote the responsible contracting of banking products and effective ways of claiming for those affected by harmful banking products (land clauses, preferential, subordinated debt, default interest, abusive commissions, consumer loans and fast loans, bank cards, services and means of payment, advertising and banking transparency, among others).

The Cabildo will offer all city councils this informative and advisory tool, implementing it in the municipalities that request it and attending, in this way, the growing demand of information by the citizens.


The Plenary also reported on the collaboration agreement with the Canary Islands Equality Institute (ICI) for the development of the Social System for the Prevention and Integral Protection of victims of gender violence on the Island of Tenerife in 2017.

The agreement, still pending signature between the parties, includes a budget of more than 4 million euros, which will be financed by 50 percent between the Canary Islands Institute of Equality and the Cabildo de Tenerife. The contribution of the Cabildo increases by 800,000 euros compared to last year.

The agreement includes actions to raise awareness and prevent gender-based violence, the management of the resources of the Canary Islands Network of Services and Specialized Public Centers for Social Care for Victims of Gender-based Violence, immediate attention through the Emergency Device for Women Assaulted (DEMA), specialized attention and intervention through services and information centers, guidance and counseling, as well as comprehensive and multidisciplinary care and intervention and temporary reception through accommodation centers in their different types: reception centers immediate, shelters and sheltered floors.

Another of the approved agreements was the creation of a commission of experts to study the ‘Canarian eCommerce Warehouse’ project.

It is about establishing a common logistics point of Canarian products in the peninsula in order to reduce procedures and costs to Canarian businessmen who wish to sell online.

This would mean a saving of time and costs and would result in the satisfaction of customers, sellers and producers and facilitate the marketing of Canarian products, providing sales opportunities to a large part of the retail and small producer. In addition, it would serve to promote and sell the traditional Canarian artisan product.


During the Plenary session different issues related to the unblocking of the situation of the Güímar ravines, the inclusion in the list of jobs of the corporation of the Employment and Local Development Agents positions, the replacement of the Beauty Galas were approved of the municipalities for the ‘Gala de la Infancia’ with the aim of guaranteeing a happy and egalitarian childhood, and an agreement with the Canary Islands Institute of Hemodonation and Hemotherapy (ICHH) for the transfer of free tickets to cultural and sports centers that depend of the Cabildo de Tenerife.

The agreement on the ravines of Güímar includes institutional support for judicial decisions that establish and quantify responsibilities that allow for their effective restoration, and underscores the commitment to contribute from the Cabildo to the effective enforcement of such judgments, collaborating in all that is necessary with the administration of justice, and with the other administrations involved for the prompt preparation of a Restoration Plan, which is the essential requirement for those responsible for the crime to comply with the just sentence.

Thus, the Cabildo will actively promote the drafting and development of the Plan in collaboration with the rest of the public administrations involved.

In addition, the agreement states that the comprehensive restoration of the Güímar ravines will be carried out under the premise that the cost of the restoration of the quarries will be borne by the persons and entities condemned, as mandated by the court ruling.

On the other hand, it was approved to develop a protocol of actions from the area of ​​Equality of the Cabildo with feminist, social, LGTBI, social educators, artists involved in equality to educate a Child in fairer, more egalitarian values, linked to the playful childish.

This protocol will be developed by means of a Working Table, where all the foreseen in the Tenerife Violet Strategic Framework (METV) will be promoted, in such a way that it culminates this work in a binding tool for the Feast Commissions of each town, joining the pages web of the different City Councils, Cabildo de Tenerife and Government of the Canary Islands.

The Plenary Session of the Cabildo definitively approved the budget for 2017 amounting to 809 million euros, a figure that represents an increase of 24.85 percent over the previous year, which makes it the largest budget in the history of the corporation insular.

If the consolidated budget is taken into account – the Cabildo’s budget and that of all its autonomous companies and bodies – the figure rises to 949 million euros.

The Cabildo’s accounts for the next fiscal year have been drawn up in coherence with the multiannual planning of the Insular Development Strategic Framework (MEDI) 2016-2025, the plan that defines the development of Tenerife for the next 10 years, based on efficiency criteria , solidarity and territorial balance to generate greater opportunities for people.